This is my porfolio

Here it is the resume of my experience and skills. Enjoy it!


This is my porfolio

Here it is the resume of my experience and skills. Enjoy it!


Some Sketching ( work in progress).

TCM 1 Trailer

TCM1 it’s a trailer we designed, as a team, for a client during my last year at the University. The design aims for comfortability and simplicity when lifting motor bikes and atvs into our product. The trailer was intended to be produced by the client using his own tooling capabilities, while respecting their limited space and budget.

The stagnant time period when this project took place in Argentina signified a great added value to the production cycle, due to the involvement of small suppliers which created a significant productivity chain from paint companies to plastic part suppliers.



Veneto it’s a concept design for an espresso stove top, the main guidelines were simplicity, modernism , colorfulness .



Flow it’s a credit card reader, designed for a contest, it’s meant to be a polished, elegant, minimalist solution for new shops owners.



Caiman is a concept kayak designed intended for fishing expeditions, it possesses a wider section in order to improve stability. Its dimension are adequate in order to carry heavy cargos .The kayak has one main compartment and an extra loading zone in the back. It’s equipped with a built-in Fish Finder and a special compartment for bait and fishing gear. The main body is a one single piece made through a rotomolding process, while the complementary parts are made from plastic injections.



Little ruler kit designed for tech kids.  The challenge was to balance between maintaining a low plastic weight, in addition to our client requested conditions to set the product apart from its competition. (To aim for an edgier design, plus different lines)


ECG concept

ECG concept. (work in progress)


Exhibition Products

Some products i have worked.



For Tv Shows.