Yes, I have a Japanese name but I don’t look like one, my father is Nikkei (Japanese descendant) and my mother is Italian so…

I am from Argentina; I was raised in Neuquen, a nice looking city near the La Cordillera de los Andes.

I’d started studying Civil Engineering but it wasn’t my bread and butter, so I moved to Buenos Aires searching for a new professional path.

When I was a kid I used to play with Legos, making airplanes model kits and building RC planes.

Searching I came across Industrial Design, a profession that combines all the things that I enjoy. So I decided to follow my guts and pursue a new career.

Along these years I’ve learned that Industrial Design has a wide range of actions, this allows you to look for and develop the role that suits you best. I found out that one of my biggest motivations is to make products to improve people’s life. With that in mind I would like to address that this also involves the challenge of adapting yourself to different social contexts with new rules and traditions.

Teamwork, it’s a fundamental aspect of my profession, it allows me to learn from others to expand understanding and generate different approaches to finding solutions to given problems. As a Designer, it’s a necessity to be open, to be able to incorporate others ideas in a constructive manner for the good of the project.


Enough about myself, I don´t want to bore you talking about myself, if you want, mail me! I'll answer you ASAP!


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Seishu Zakimi